"Where the access and use of light or air to and for any building have been peaceably enjoyed therewith as an easement, and as of right, without interruption, and for, years and where any way or watercourse or the use of any water or any other easement (whether affirmative or negative) has been peaceably and openly enjoyed by any person claiming title thereto as an easement and as of right without interruption and for, years the right to such accessand use of light of air, way, watercourse, use of water, or other easement shall be absolute and indefeasible."
Fill in the first and second blank respectively, given in the afore mentioned passage, out of the four options given below:

A. 20, 20

B. 20, 15

C. 15, 15

D. 15, 20

Answer: Option A

This Question Belongs to Law >> Indian Easements Act

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An easement

A. Is extinguished when the servient owner leaves on his own

B. Cannot be extinguished

C. Upon the death of the dominant owner

D. Is extinguished when the dominant owner releases it expressly or impliedly to the servient owner