Which of the following is not an easement right?

A. A, as the owner of certain house, has a right of way thither over his neighbour B's land for purposes connected with the beneficial enjoyment of the house

B. A, as the owner of certain house, has a right to go on his neighbour B's land, and to take water for purposes of his household, out of a spring therein

C. A dedicates to the public the right to occupy the surface e of certain land for the purpose of passing and re-passing

D. A, as the owner of a certain house, has the right to conduct water from B's stream to supply the fountains in the garden attached to the house

Answer: Option C

This Question Belongs to Law >> Indian Easements Act

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An easement

A. Is extinguished when the servient owner leaves on his own

B. Cannot be extinguished

C. Upon the death of the dominant owner

D. Is extinguished when the dominant owner releases it expressly or impliedly to the servient owner