Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?

A. Main document

B. Data source

C. Merge fields

D. Word fields

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

There are three components of a Mail Merge:
The main document controls the merge. It contains the fixed information that will be in every letter and the merged codes where the variable text will be.
The data source is a document or database that contains the information that will be different for each letter. Remember, the data source is usually the names and addresses. It can be stored in a table in Word, an Excel Spreadsheet or a table in Access.
The merged document is the result of a merge. These are the individual letters that result from the merge. The merge fields are replaced with the actual data from the Data Source file.

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  1. Nomi Nomi
    Nomi Nomi :
    2 years ago

    Mail Merge requires three types of documents:
    (a) Main Document: In a Mail Merge operation, the
    personalized document (such as, a standard letter, or
    envelope, or mailing label) is known as the main document.
    It is the document containing the text and graphics that stay
    the same for each version of the merged document - for
    example, the return address and body of a form letter.
    (b) Data Source: Data source is a file that contains the names
    and addresses or any other information that vary with each
    version of a mail-merge document. For example, a list of
    names and addresses for a form letter you want to send to
    a list of clients or other people.
    (c) Merge Document: When you merge the main document
    with data source, a third document called merge document
    will be produced. The merge document can be merged to
    the screen to view letters along with addresses; or directly
    to the printer to print the letters along with addresses and
    print addresses on envelopes or labels; or save as some
    other file that can be used later for printing. Inserting the
    data or information from the data source in the main
    document creates the merge document. For example,
    insert the merge field «City» in a letter document to have
    Word insert a city name, such as “New Delhi” that is stored
    in the City data field.
    Mail Merge or Mailings feature in Word 2007 is available in Main
    Tab bar. Click on the ‘Mailings’ tab on the main tab bar to
    activate the mailings features and tools, which comprises subtask
    such as “Create”, “Start Mail Merge”, “Write & Insert Fields”,
    “Preview Results” and “Finish & Merge”
    Fig. 5.1

  2. Mingma Nurbu
    Mingma Nurbu :
    2 years ago

    Why this answer is correct? Someone explain me?

  3. Pantho Sarker
    Pantho Sarker :
    3 years ago

    Would anyone give explanation of this question ??

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