Which option is true for viewing Profit & Loss A/C in Gateway of Tally

A. Gateway of Tally > Reports > Profit & Loss A/C

B. Gateway of Tally > Display > Profit & Loss A/C

C. Gateway of Tally > Account Books > Profit & Loss A/C

D. None of these

Answer: Option A

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Gateway of Tally > Reports > Profit & Loss A/C

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  1. Charukonda Kavitha
    Charukonda Kavitha :
    3 weeks ago

    Which of the following double entries is passed when purchased one credit under perpetual inventory system?
    a.purchase debit and Creditor credit
    b.purchase debit and Payable credit
    c.puchase debit and cash credit.
    d.inventory debit and Payable credit.
    Please answer this question

  2. MØHAÑ S
    MØHAÑ S :
    8 months ago

    Which Account is Odd one ?
    A. Salary
    B. Interest Paid
    C. Furniture
    D. Telephone Charges

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