Your interest lies in which other activities?

Here, the interviewer tries to assess how ‘active’ you are in your life. Being active, here, implies that one gets involved in some activities apart from daily life and job requirements. Remember that a candidate belonging to either of the extreme conditions is not desirable by them. In other words, a candidate who is overloaded/overburdened with involvement in lots of other activities is undesirable as it entails the possibility of lack of availability of required time and energy or dedication for the organization; and an ‘inactive’ candidate is undesirable by default since it is followed by lack of growth, versatility and knowledge.

No such special points need to be taken care of while answering this question.
1. Be honest and say what you love to do in your spare time. It’s better to mention something which you engage in on a more or less regular basis. 
2. Try to choose those activities which shall portray your responsive nature/image to the interviewer.
3. Do mention about any social work or NGO related work if you are involved in any such activity.

Your interest lies in which other activities

Now, it’s time for 'participation':
*Assume that you are sitting in the interview room now.
*You have been asked to ‘Your interest lies in which other activities’. Go ahead; give it a try on how to answer the same. Post your own answers and get them reviewed .

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Your interest lies in which other activities?