Weights of two friends Ram and Shyam are in the ratio 4 : 5. If Ram's weight is increased by 10% and total weight of Ram and Shyam become 82.8 kg, with an increases of 15%. By what percent did the weight of Shyam has to be increased?

A lump of two metals weighing 18 g is worth Rs. 87 but if their weight is interchanged, it would be worth Rs. 78.60. If the price of one metal be Rs. 6.70 per gram, find the weight of the other metal in the mixture.

A vessel contains milk and water in the ratio 3 : 2. The volume of the contents is increased by 50% by adding water to it. From this resultant solution 30 L is withdrawn and then replaced with water. The resultant ratio of milk water in the final solution is 3 : 7. Find the original volume of the solution.

3 L water is taken out from vessel full of water and substituted by pure milk. This process is repeated two more times. Finally, the ratio of milk and water in the solution becomes 1728 : 27. Find the volume of the original solution.

One quantity of wheat at Rs 9.30 per Kg is mixed with another quality at a certain rate in the ratio 8 : 7. If the mixture so formed be worth Rs 10 per Kg, what is the rate per Kg of the second quality of wheat?

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