20 litres of a mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 3 : 1. Then the amount of milk to be added to the mixture so as to have milk and water in ratio 4 : 1 is-

In what ratio must water be mixed with milk costing Rs. 12 per litre to obtain a mixture worth of Rs. 8 per litre?

A milkman mixed some water with milk to gain 25% by selling the mixture at the cost price. The ratio of water and milk is respectively -

A vessel contains a mixture of Grape, Pineapple and Banana juices in the respectively ratio of 4 : 6 : 5. 15 litres of this mixture is taken out and 8 litres of grape juice and 2 litres of pineapple juice is added to the vessel. If the resultant quantity of grape juice is 10 litres less than the resultant quantity of pineapple juice, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel ? ( in litres)

In what ratio must tea at Rs. 62 per kg be mixed with tea at Rs. 72 per kg so that the mixture must be worth Rs. 64.50 per kg?

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