A sum of money on compound interest amounts to Rs. 10648 in 3 years and Rs. 9680 in 2 years. The rate of interest per annum is = ?

The compound interest on Rs 16000 for 9 months at 20% per annum, interest being compounded quarterly, is = ?

A man gets a simple interest on Rs. 1000 on a certain principal at the rate of 5 p.c.p.a. in 4 years. What compound interest will the man get on twice the principal in 2 years at the same rate ?

The difference between simple interest ans compound interest on Rs. P at R% p.a in 2 years is = ?

Compound interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 4% per annum is Rs. 2448. simple interest on the same sum of money at the same rate of interest for 2 years will be = ?

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