Two friends invested Rs.1500 and Rs. 2500 in a business. They earned a profit of Rs. 800. One-half of the profit was divided equally between them and the other half was divided in proportion to their capitals. How much did each of them receive ?

Three persons stared a placement business with a capital of Rs. 3000. B invests Rs. 600 less than A and C invests Rs. 300 less than B. What is B's share in a profit of Rs. 886 ?

X and Y are partners in a business. They invest in the ratio 5 : 6, at the end of 8 months X withdraws his capital. If they receive profits in the ratio of 5 : 9. Find how long Y's investment was used ?

Four milkmen rented a pasture. M put to graze 16 cows for 3 months and N 20 cows for 4 months, O 18 cows for 6 months and P 42 cows for 2 months. If M's share of rent be Rs. 2400, the rent paid by O is ?

Shankar starts a business with an investment of Rs. 120000. After three months, Aniket joined him with an invesment of Rs. 190000. They earned a profit of Rs. 1750000 after one year. What is Aniket's share in the profit ?

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