Jhon, Mona and Gordon, three US based business partners, jointly invested in a business project to supply nuclear fuel to India. As per their share in the investment, Gordon will receive $$\frac{2}{3}$$ of the profits whereas Jhon and Mona divided the remainder equally. It is estimated that the income of Jhon will increase by $ 60 million when the rate of profit rises from 4% to 7%. What is Mona's capital ?

Anu is a working partner and Bimla is a sleeping partner in a business. Anu puts Rs. 5000 and Bimla putes in Rs. 6000. Anu receives 12.5% of the profit for managing the business and the rest is divided in proportion to their capitals. What does each get put of a profit of Rs. 880 ?

The ratio of investments of two partners X and Y is 11 : 12 and the ratio of their profit is 2 : 3. If X invested the money for 8 months, then the time for which Y invested the money is ?

A and B enter into partnership. At the end of 9 months B withdraws but A's capitals is used for one month more. If they receive profit in the ratio of 5 : 6, then the ratio of their capital is ?

Two partners invested Rs. 125000 and Rs. 85000 respectively in a business. They distribute 60% of the profit equally and decide to distribute the remaining 40% as the interest on their capitals. If one partner received Rs. 3000 more than the other, the total profits is ?

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