Asoka the great appointed a class of officers vested with judicial power known as :

A. Dhamma

B. Rajukas

C. Chandashok

D. None of Above

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

During the reign of Ashoka, the officials called Rajukas had held a significant place. Ashoka in his administrative policy implemented the Rajukas as the sole agency to execute his plans of reforms. Originally the Rajukas were the officials in charge of measurement of land and settled those if there arose any dispute.

Since they were connected with the land revenue department, they normally had a great influence in the rural areas. Ashoka during implementing the administrative policies, enhanced their powers and positions and made them the most important officers of Janapadas. Gradually the Rajukas became the key officers and were entrusted to execute Ashoka's most welfare projects and administrative reforms.

They not only acted as judges with the power to justify wrong sentences and wrong judgments, moreover they made charitable offers to the Sramanas and Bhikshus implemented by Danda Samata and Vyavahara Samata. The function of the Rajukas is enumerated in the Ashokan Pillar edict IV.

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