For strengthening a 50 m long and 5 m high straight compound wall built in brick work, which one of the following would be most suitable?

Assertion A: For eccentricity ratio exceeding $$\frac{1}{6}$$, effective thickness of masonry will get reduced.
Reason R: For eccentricity ratio exceeding $$\frac{1}{6}$$, there will be tension on one side of the member.
Select your answer according to the codes give below:

Consider the following statements regarding bands to be provided for strengthening masonry work in masonry buildings constructed in zone III, IV and V.
(i) Lintel band is provided at lintel level on partition walls,
(ii) Gable band is provided at top of gable masonry below the purlins,
(iii) The bands shall be to full width of the wall and not less than 7.5 cm in depth,
(iv) The bands shall be made of reinforced concrete only.
of these statements, the correct statements are

Consider the following statements regarding provision of chases in masonry,
(i) No chase should be permitted in a half brick load-bearing wall,
(ii) Vertical chases should not be closer than 2 m in any stretch of a wall,
(iii) Chases should be provided near to bearings of beams and lintels.

For designing masonry components of a structure, seismic forces provision in the design calculation is not necessary for buildings constructed in

In a cavity wall, both leaves of which are load bearing, the effective thickness is taken as