Which of the following is not the characteristic of capitalism?

Which one is not an objective of IMF?

The Central Bank can significantly influence the savings, investments and consumer spending in the economy through which of the following policy?

Which of the following statement is not correct relating to consumerism?

Possible impact of WTO on various aspects of the Indian economy.
1. Quantitative restriction will be allowed.
2. Secondhand cars will be imported.
3. There will be dumping of Chinese goods.
4. Increase in population.
5. Child labour exploitation.
6. Unemployment will increase.
Which of the combination is correct?

Which combination of the following is correct with regard to World Trade Organisation (WTO)?
1. WTO initiates peace process among the member countries to enhance international trade.
2. WTO avoids the task of 'Settlement of Disputes' among the member countries.
3. WTO administers the 'Trade Review Mechanism'.
4. WTO cooperates in an appropriate manner with the IMF and the World Bank.

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