Statement I: WTO is only international organisation which deals with the rules of trade between organisations.
Statement II: The limit of holding by individual foreign institutional investors in a company has been raised from 5 to 10% of company's share while the aggregate limit has been increased from 24 to 34%.

Which one is not the form of FDI?

Franchising is a practice of

Which one of the following matches correspond to the member and observer countries of the SAARC?
1. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldive
2. Iran, China, Japan, USA, South Korea, European Union
3. Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Iran
4. UK, USA, North Korea, South Africa
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Out of the following, which are the important objectives of IMF?
1. To promote exchange rate stability.
2. To create standby reserves.
3. To print international currency notes.
4. To establish a multilateral system of payments.
5. To maintain orderly exchange rate stability.
6. To create employment
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Indicate the ground on which a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1936 shall be invalid?

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