Statement I: Companies with low cash reserves normally prefer licensing mode rather than foreign direct investment.
Statement II: Cash rich firms normally prefer foreign, direct investment.

Match the items of List II and with the items of List I relating to WTO impact:
List-I List-II
a. NAMA 1. Liberalisation of international investments.
b. GADS 2. Includes industrial goods, textile, jewellery, fish and fisheries product manufacturing industries.
c. TRIMs 3. Liberalisation of trade in goods and services.
d. TRIPs 4. Provides monopoly power to owners of intellectual property

The theory suggesting that the patterns of international trade are determined by factor endowment rather than productivity was propounded by which one of the following?

Which of the following have been recognised under the intellectual property eligible for creation of rights as per WTO mandate?
1. Computer software, music disc, performing art
2. Geographical indicator
3. Global positioning system
4. Journals, books, seeds, design, brand
Select the correct answer:

The current account of the balance of payments includes all of the following items except which one?

Which of the following is not the salient feature of the industrial policy developments since 1991?

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
List-I List-II
a. Political and legal environment 1. Important for industries directly depending on imports or exports
b. Demographic environment 2. Close relationship with the economic system and economic policy
c. Economic environment 3. Related to natural resources
d. Geographical and ecological environment 4. Occupational and spatial mobilities of population having implications for business

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