Which of the following assumptions do we make while deriving linear regression parameters?
1. The true relationship between dependent y and predictor x is linear
2. The model errors are statistically independent
3. The errors are normally distributed with a 0 mean and constant standard deviation
4. The predictor x is non-stochastic and is measured error-free

A student Grade is a variable F1 which takes a value from A,B,C and D. Which of the following is True in the following case?

Suppose you are building a SVM model on data X. The data X can be error prone which means that you should not trust any specific data point too much. Now think that you want to build a SVM model which has quadratic kernel function of polynomial degree 2 that uses Slack variable C as one of it's hyper parameter.What would happen when you use very large value of C(C->infinity)?

Which of the following are correct statement(s) about stacking?
1. A machine learning model is trained on predictions of multiple machine learning models
2. A Logistic regression will definitely work better in the second stage as compared to other classification methods
3. First stage models are trained on full / partial feature space of training data.

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