When the C parameter is set to infinite, which of the following holds true?

The firing rate of a neuron

During the last few years, many . . . . . . . . algorithms have been applied to deep neural networks to learn the best policy for playing Atari video games and to teach an agent how to associate the right action with an input representing the state.

Which of the following indicates the fundamental of least squares?

What is 'Training set'?

Which of the following statement is true about k-NN algorithm?
1. k-NN performs much better if all of the data have the same scale
2. k-NN works well with a small number of input variables (p), but struggles when the number of inputs is very large
3. k-NN makes no assumptions about the functional form of the problem being solved

In Naive Bayes equation $$P\left( {C|X} \right) = \frac{{P\left( {X|C} \right) * P\left( C \right)}}{{P\left( X \right)}}$$     which part considers "likelihood"?

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