What characterize unlabeled examples in machine learning

What characterize is hyperplance in geometrical model of machine learning?

Imagine a Newly-Born starts to learn walking. It will try to find a suitable policy to learn walking after repeated falling and getting up.specify what type of machine learning is best suited?

What are the popular algorithms of Machine Learning?

A machine learning problem involves four attributes plus a class. The attributes have 3, 2, 2, and 2 possible values each. The class has 3 possible values. How many maximum possible different examples are there?

In machine learning, an algorithm (or learning algorithm) is said to be unstable if a small change in training data cause the large change in the learned classifiers. True or False: Bagging of unstable classifiers is a good idea

Which of the following is characteristic of best machine learning method ?

Machine learning techniques differ from statistical techniques in that machine learning methods

What is Model Selection in Machine Learning?

Some people are using the term . . . . . . . . instead of prediction only to avoid the weird idea that machine learning is a sort of modern magic.

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