Computers are best at learning

what is Feature scaling done before applying K-Mean algorithm?

Which of the following is true about Naive Bayes?

KDD represents extraction of

Linear Regression is a . . . . . . . . machine learning algorithm.

The probability that a person owns a sports car given that they subscribe to automotive magazine is 40%. We also know that 3% of the adult population subscribes to automotive magazine. The probability of a person owning a sports car given that they don't subscribe to automotive magazine is 30%. Use this information to compute the probability that a person subscribes to automotive magazine given that they own a sports car

Which among the following statements best describes our approach to learning decision trees

Which of the following techniques would perform better for reducing dimensions of a data set?

. . . . . . . . can be adopted when it's necessary to categorize a large amount of data with a few complete examples or when there's the need to impose some constraints to a clustering algorithm.

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