This clustering algorithm terminates when mean values computed for the current iteration of the algorithm are identical to the computed mean values for the previous iteration Select one:

scikit-learn offers the class. . . . . . . ., which is responsible for filling the holes using a strategy based on the mean, median, or frequency

In the last decade, many researchers started training bigger and bigger models, built with several different layers that's why this approach is called . . . . . . . .

Which of the following statement(s) can be true post adding a variable in a linear regression model?
1. R-Squared and Adjusted R-squared both increase
2. R-Squared increases and Adjusted R-squared decreases
3. R-Squared decreases and Adjusted R-squared decreases
4. R-Squared decreases and Adjusted R-squared increases

Which of the following option is true about k-NN algorithm?

In SVM, RBF kernel with appropriate parameters to perform binary classification where the data is non-linearly seperable. In this scenario

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