Which of the following sentences are correct in reference to Information gain? a. It is biased towards single-valued attributes b. It is biased towards multi-valued attributes c. ID3 makes use of information gain d. The approact used by ID3 is greedy

A feature F1 can take certain value: A, B, C, D, E & F and represents grade of students from a college. Which of the following statement is true in following case?

Which of the following is true about Manhattan distance?

Suppose, you have 2000 different models with their predictions and want to ensemble predictions of best x models. Now, which of the following can be a possible method to select the best x models for an ensemble?

In a linear regression problem, we are using "R-squared" to measure goodness-of-fit. We add a feature in linear regression model and retrain the same model. Which of the following option is true?

In terms of bias and variance. Which of the following is true when you fit degree 2 polynomial?

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