Determine Output:
void main()
      char *p="hi friends", *p1;
      while(*p!='\0') ++*p++;
      printf("%s", p1);

A. hi friends

B. ij!gsjfoet

C. hj grjeodt

D. None of These

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

++*p++ will be parse in the given order :
1. *p that is value at the location currently pointed by p will be taken
2. ++*p the retrieved value will be incremented
3. when ; is encountered the location will be incremented that is p++ will be executed.

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. Abdelbadie Belmouhcine
    Abdelbadie Belmouhcine :
    2 years ago

    This code must provide a runtime error because p is pointed to a literal string, which is unmodifiable.

  2. Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh :
    3 years ago

    Give full ans in brief !please.

  3. Gurpreet Gandhi
    Gurpreet Gandhi :
    3 years ago

    P1 pointer is not effected by the moment of p1(they are copy of the same string hi friends) hence the answer should be hi friends , isn't it ??

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