Determine Output:
void main()
      float me = 1.1;
      double you = 1.1;
            printf("I hate Examveda");
            printf("I love Examveda");

A. I hate Examveda

B. I love Examveda

C. Error

D. None of These

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

For floating point numbers (float, double, long double) the values cannot be predicted exactly. Depending on the number of bytes, the precession with the value represented varies. Float takes 4 bytes and long double takes 10 bytes. So float stores 0.9 with less precision than long double.
Rule of Thumb: Never compare or at-least be cautious when using floating point numbers with relational operators (== , >, <, <=, >=,!= ) .

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