Directions : In each of the following questions a statement is given, followed by two conclusions. Give answer :

Statement : Any young who makes dowry as a condition for marriage discredits himself and dishonours womanhood.

Conclusion :
I. Those who take dowry in marriage should be condemned by the society.
II. Those who do not take dowry in marriage respect womanhood.

A. Only conclusion I follows.

B. Only conclusion II follows.

C. Either I or II follows.

D. Neither I or II follows.

E. Both I and II follows.

Answer: Option E

Solution(By Examveda Team)

From the statement both the conclusions follow.

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Comments ( 3 )

  1. Thina Karan
    Thina Karan :
    1 year ago

    The advice and rules are taken as follows. So it's the rule, society should be condemned.

  2. Vibhor Aggarwal
    Vibhor Aggarwal :
    3 years ago

    The reference of society has not been made anywhere in the statement. According to me only statement 2 is correct because we are suppose to follow what is given in the statement only.

  3. Jishnu Chatterjee
    Jishnu Chatterjee :
    5 years ago

    how come only statement 2 will be valid na?? nothing is mentioned about the society

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