Directions : In each of the following questions a statement is given, followed by two conclusions. Give answer :

Statements : Government has spoiled many top ranking financial institutions by appointing bureaucrats as Directors of these institutions.

Conclusions :
I. Government should appoint Directors of the financial institutes taking into consideration the expertise of the person in the area of finance.
II. The Director of the financial institute should have expertise commensurate with the financial work carried out by the institute.

A. Only conclusion I follows

B. Only conclusion II follows

C. Either I or II follows

D. Neither I nor II follows

E. Both I and II follow

Answer: Option E

Solution(By Examveda Team)

According to the statement, Government has spoiled financial institutions by appointing bureaucrats as Directors. This means that only those persons should be appointed as Directors who are experts in finance and are acquainted with the financial work of the institute. So, both I and II follow.

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