Distribution of shear intensity over a rectangular section of a beam, follows:

A. A circular curve

B. A straight line

C. A parabolic curve

D. An elliptical curve

Answer: Option C

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  1. Hazrat Bilal
    Hazrat Bilal :
    2 years ago

    Plz give some concept.

  2. Samir Maheshwari
    Samir Maheshwari :
    4 years ago

    In shear formula square root comes on distance hence curve is perabolic

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If the shear stress in a R.C.C. beam is

A. Equal or less than 5 kg/cm2, no shear reinforcement is provided

B. Greater than 4 kg/cm2, but less than 20 kg/cm2, shear reinforcement is provided

C. Greater than 20 kg/cm2, the size of the section is changed

D. All the above