The separation of trivalent lanthanide ions, Lu3+, Yb3+, Dy3+, Eu3+ can, be effectively done by a cation exchange resin using ammonium o-hydroxy iso-butyrate as the eluent. The order in which the ions will be separated is

[CoCl4]2- is a blue coloured complex. Controlled-treatment of this complex with water generates two isomeric light pink coloured complexes of composition [Ca(H2O)4Cl2]. Identify the correct point groups far [CoCl4]2- and two isomeric complexes [CO(H2O)4Cl2].

The ligand field bands of lanthanide complexes are generally sharper than those of transition metal complexes because

The correct statement regarding the thermodynamic stability and kinetic reactivity of metal ion complexes is that