‘Have’ ..... used with plurals generally.

A. is

B. you

C. are

D. your

Answer: Option A

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Comments ( 11 )

  1. Royal Proo
    Royal Proo :
    8 months ago

    If any subject in double coted mark then singular verb is used

  2. Umaima Saddiqui
    Umaima Saddiqui :
    1 year ago

    tell me plz how have "is" correct answer

  3. Mehefuz Mithu
    Mehefuz Mithu :
    1 year ago

    'Have' is used with plurals only. This is the correct answer.

  4. Tanjina Rahman
    Tanjina Rahman :
    1 year ago

    I think the answer should be 'is'

  5. Muhammad Tauqeer
    Muhammad Tauqeer :
    1 year ago

    'Have' is used with plurals generally.

  6. Qaisar Nazeer
    Qaisar Nazeer :
    1 year ago

    Word have is written into inverted commas so have is used plural generally is correct sentence.

  7. FEBIN C
    FEBIN C :
    1 year ago

    But I think here the Answer is (is)
    Cause have is a subject here and the sentance explains how (have) should be used

  8. Awais Khalid
    Awais Khalid :
    1 year ago

    A is right answer

  9. Anjjan Bordoloi
    Anjjan Bordoloi :
    1 year ago

    I think, the question is about 'Have'
    So, the sentence should be
    'Have' is used with plurals generally.

  10. ବି କା
    ବି କା :
    1 year ago

    In this sentence 'IS' is the most suitable word because here 'Have' is used as a singular subject.

  11. Rakibul Hasan
    Rakibul Hasan :
    2 years ago

    Passive sentence 🙂

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