Please, come . . . . . . the bathroom.

A. out of

B. over

C. on

D. in

Answer: Option A

Solution(By Examveda Team)

come out of will be the correct word as it means to get out of the bathroom. Other preposition doesn't go with the sentence.

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  1. Imran Ali
    Imran Ali :
    4 months ago

    Thanks good platform

  2. Maunas Thaker
    Maunas Thaker :
    10 months ago

    What if we say, "Come in the bathroom."?
    Imagine the situation that you have called a plumber and want him to see the leaking taps.
    You are already in the bathroom, and calling him in to show the taps.
    (We may use 'into' perhaps, but 'in' also sounds true.)
    What's your point?

  3. Misbah Noureen
    Misbah Noureen :
    1 year ago

    why not we go with option D

  4. Sadaqat Ali
    Sadaqat Ali :
    2 years ago

    Correct words used to sentence

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