He said to her, "What a cold day!"

A. He told her that it was a cold day.

B. He exclaimed that it was a cold day.

C. He exclaimed sorrowfully that it was a cold day.

D. He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.

Answer: Option D

Solution(By Examveda Team)

He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.

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  1. Muhammad Arshad
    Muhammad Arshad :
    1 year ago

    It must be B option , as Very is not mentioned there

    2 years ago

    The right answer is D.
    1st understand that what is the difference between -- "cold day " and. "a cold day " in general manner.
    Normally we are aquented with cold days. And we are not surprised of a normal cold day.
    But when we feel that today's coldness is more or very high than that of yesterday , we will obviously surprise. And the expression "what a cold day " will automatically come out.

  3. Hritika Barve
    Hritika Barve :
    2 years ago

    it was just a cold day then how the answer will be a very cold day i think so the right answer must be 'B'

  4. Ritesh Pandit
    Ritesh Pandit :
    2 years ago

    B is right I think

  5. Seema
    Seema :
    3 years ago

    Any reasons for why option B is wrong here?

  6. Arpit Nirwan
    Arpit Nirwan :
    3 years ago

    please explain why option B is wrong?

  7. Gaurav
    Gaurav :
    4 years ago

    it hould have been b because we cant add words by ourself very isnt given any where

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