Heinz produces tomato puree by boiling tomato juice. Tomato puree has 20% water whereas tomato juice has 90% water.How many litres of tomato puree will be obtained from 20 litres of tomato juice ?

A. 2 litres

B. 3 litres

C. 2.5 litres

D. 5 litres

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

20 litres juice contain 10% Tomato, i.e.
20L juice = $$\frac{{20 \times 10}}{{100}}$$  = 2L Tomato
Tomato puree contains 80% of water and 20% tomato.
This 80% tomato = 2L (which is contained by 100 puree)
So, Now this 2 L Consist 80% in puree
Thus, total puree will be $$\frac{2}{{.8}} = 2.5{\text{L}}$$

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  1. Venkat Telli
    Venkat Telli :
    1 year ago

    sir tomato pure has 20% of water and 80% of tomato

    but in solution u take it as reverse

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