In an examination 80% candidates passed in English and 85% candidates passed in Mathematics. If 73% candidates passed in both these subjects, then what per cent of candidates failed in both the subjects?

A. 8

B. 15

C. 27

D. 35

Answer: Option A

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Students passed in English = 80%
Students passed in Math's = 85%
Students passed in both subjects = 73%
Then, number of students passed in at least one subject
= (80+85)-73
= 92%. [The percentage of students passed in English and Maths individually, have already included the percentage of students passed in both subjects. So, We are subtracting percentage of students who have passed in both subjects to find out percentage of students at least passed in one subject.]

Thus, students failed in both subjects = 100-92 = 8%.

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  1. Appasani Manishankar
    Appasani Manishankar :
    4 months ago

    If price of petrol increases by 35% and Rajesh intends to spend only an additional 25% on petrol, by how much % will he reduce the quantity of petrol purchased?(Approx)

  2. Lazy Dude
    Lazy Dude :
    1 year ago

    Use Set theory the problem will be easier

  3. Upasyo Kushari,
    Upasyo Kushari, :
    2 years ago

    Passed in english -80%
    failed in english-(100-80)%
    passed in maths -85%
    failed in maths -(100-85)%
    Total passed -100%-(20+15)%

  4. Hari Prasad
    Hari Prasad :
    4 years ago

    passed both only passed
    maths 85 73 12
    eng 80 73 7
    total passed in both >>>12+7+73=92%
    stu failed in both >>>> 100%-92%=8%

  5. Priyanka Jayachandran
    Priyanka Jayachandran :
    4 years ago

    okay if they give no. students instead of each percentage,ans need to be in percentage means how to solve

  6. Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar :
    6 years ago

    how is it posiable 92%student pass one sub. plese explan it

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