How many training institutions of Railways are in India?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Five

D. Six

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Five training institutions of Railways are in India.

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  1. शुभम मिश्रा
    शुभम मिश्रा :
    2 years ago

    Total 8 Training Institute in Indian Railways.
    NAIR Vadodara/GJ IRTS, IRPS, IRAS Officer
    JRRPFA Lucknow/UP IRPFS Officers
    IRIMEE Jamalpur/Bihar IRSME Officers
    IRICEN Pune/Maharashtra IRSE Officers
    IRIEEN Nasik/Maharashtra IRSEE Officers
    IRISET Secunderabad/AP IRSE Officers
    IRIMTC Prayagraj/UP IRSE Officers
    NRTI Vadodara/Gujarat IRTS Officers

  2. Priyanshu Harish
    Priyanshu Harish :
    3 years ago

    Total 8 institutes are there in indian railway as per wikipedia. pls ack if it is true.

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