If a sinusoidal wave has frequency of 50 Hz with 30 A r.m.s. current which of the following equation represents this wave?

A. 42.42 sin 314 t

B. 60 sin 25 t

C. 30 sin 50 t

D. 84.84 sin 25 t

Answer: Option A

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  1. Suman Sourav
    Suman Sourav :
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Which of the following refers to a parallel circuit?

A. The current through each element is same

B. The voltage across element is in proportion to it's resistance value

C. The equivalent resistance is greater than any one of the resistors

D. The current through any one element is less than the source current

In any A.C. circuit always

A. Apparent power is more than actual power

B. Reactive power is more than apparent power

C. Actual power is more than reactive power

D. Reactive power is more than actual power