If South-East becomes North and South becomes North-East and all the rest directions are changed in the same manner, the what will be the direction for West ?

A. North-East

B. North-West

C. South-East

D. South-West

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

If South-east becomes North and North East becomes West, therefore, the whole figure moves through 1350. Hence, West will be South-East.
See, Actual figure is rotating 1350 anticlockwise.
So, When West will be rotated by same degree anticlockwise. It will hold the place of south-East.
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Comments ( 8 )

  1. Shishir Bhadke
    Shishir Bhadke :
    1 year ago

    Actually the figure is moving clockwise with 135 degree , I think answer should be North East. Would you please check again.

  2. Theanag Ramman
    Theanag Ramman :
    1 year ago

    Wouldn't north become south west? South East is going to go E, NE, N. That should cause North to go NW, W, SW

  3. Shabana Hasan
    Shabana Hasan :
    2 years ago

    If northeast become southeast and south become Northwest, soon. What will west become

  4. Sompalli Keerthi
    Sompalli Keerthi :
    2 years ago

    The answer is correct !!because if we rotate north 135 degrees then south-east will be north, if we rotate west 135 degrees then north-east will be west in the same way if we rotate south-east 135 degrees then south-east will be west.
    Have a nice day!😊😊

  5. Stay Tuned
    Stay Tuned :
    2 years ago

    How is this possible?
    When west rotate 135° it will be placed in north-east direction not south-east.

  6. Sahil Mishra
    Sahil Mishra :
    4 years ago

    I think the answer itself in the question..bcoz North-East becomes West..Then West become..??

  7. Utkarsh Pawar
    Utkarsh Pawar :
    7 years ago

    the solution is not clear... if you are rotating in 135 degree then s-w becomes east

  8. Satynam Singh
    Satynam Singh :
    7 years ago

    If north becomes east what direction to be changed for west ?

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