In a boiler installation the natural draught is produced

A. due to the fact that furnace gases being light go through the chimney giving place to cold air from outside to rush in

B. due to the fact that pressure at the grate due to cold column is higher than the pressure at the chimney base due to hot column

C. due to the fact that at the chimney top the pressure is more than its environmental pressure

D. all of the above

Answer: Option B

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    2 months ago

    yha pr grate ke baaahar deewaro pr hum tempreture diffrance create krne ke lie cooler ka use krte he jiski wajah se( induced fan jo ki chimney pr lgaaa hota h ) pr low presser create hota h or chimneyse gases baahar aa jati h

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Carnot cycle comprises of

A. two isentropic processes and two constant volume processes

B. two isentropic processes and two constant pressure processes

C. two isothermal processes and three constant pressure processes

D. none of the above