In case of a double cage induction motor, the inner cage has

A. high inductance arid low resistance

B. low inductance and high resistance

C. low inductance and low resistance

D. high inductance and high resistance

Answer: Option A

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  1. Shriyam Shukla
    Shriyam Shukla :
    9 months ago

    As we know the every induction motor should always have high Inductance property
    1 In double cage we are using two cage (inner and outer cage)
    Here outer cage have more resistance than ineer cage
    2 outer cage is made of brass and aluminum high resistivity and inner cage is off copper low resistivity material.
    Therefore double cage induction motor
    inner cage should have high inductance and low resistance.

  2. Shatadal Mondal
    Shatadal Mondal :
    4 years ago

    It is a question of induction motor , why this is in transformer section

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