In simple term, machine learning is

A. training based on historical data

B. prediction to answer a query

C. both A and B

D. automization of complex tasks

Answer: Option C

Solution(By Examveda Team)

Machine learning, in simple terms, can be described as follows:

Option A: Training based on historical data
Machine learning involves training algorithms or models using historical data to learn patterns, relationships, and trends within the data. This training process enables the machine to make predictions or decisions based on new, unseen data. So, Option A is a fundamental aspect of machine learning.

Option B: Prediction to answer a query
Machine learning is often used for making predictions or providing answers to queries by analyzing data patterns. It uses the knowledge gained during training to make informed decisions or predictions when presented with new data. Therefore, Option B is another key characteristic of machine learning.

Option C: Both A and B
Machine learning encompasses both training models based on historical data (Option A) and using these models to make predictions or answer queries (Option B). Therefore, Option C correctly represents the nature of machine learning as it involves both aspects.

Option D: Automization of complex tasks
While machine learning can automate tasks and processes, it is primarily focused on learning from data and making predictions or decisions. While automation can be a result of machine learning, it is not the core definition of the field. So, Option D is not as precise in describing what machine learning is.

In summary, machine learning is best described as a combination of training models based on historical data and using those models for predictions and queries, making Option C the most accurate description.

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