Kinetic energy of fluid per unit weight represented by the velocity head is given by

A. $$\frac{{2{{\text{v}}^2}}}{{{{\text{g}}_{\text{c}}}}}$$

B. $$\frac{{{{\text{v}}^2}}}{{2{{\text{g}}_{\text{c}}}}}$$

C. $$\frac{{\rho \cdot {{\text{v}}^2}}}{{{{\text{g}}_{\text{c}}}}}$$

D. $$\frac{{\rho \cdot {{\text{v}}^2}}}{{2{{\text{g}}_{\text{c}}}}}$$

Answer: Option B

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  1. Jugal Sanghadia
    Jugal Sanghadia :
    4 years ago

    what is C??

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