One of the objectives of Directive Principles of State Policy is

The Supreme Court was confirmed with various issues relating to delegated legislation in the case of In re Delhi Laws Act, AIR 1951 SC 332. Point out the incorrect statement with regard to this decision:

Assertion (A): It is the legal and constitutional duty of the State to provide legal aid to the poor.
Reason (R): No one shall be denied justice by reason of his poverty.

In which of the following cases, free and fair election is recognized as basic structure of the Indian Constitution?

What are the qualifications for the appointment of a person as a Governor?

Assertion (A): A Habeas Corpus writ petition dismissed by the Supreme Court can be admitted by High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution
Reasons (R): In exercising writ jurisdiction the powers of the Supreme Court and High Court are concurrent

Which is not related to freedom to manage religious affairs under Constitution of India