Principle: A service provider is liable to his consumer for any deficiency in service under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
Facts: Mr. Frank is running a Restaurant on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Johns, a foreign tourist on his way from Karnataka to Mumbai stopped at Mr. Frank's Restaurant for dinner. The Restaurant was providing boarding facilities to its customers free of charges. After dinner, Johns decided to sleep for a while before resuming his journey. Johns slept due to exhaustion, but his sleep was disturbed because of the persistent attacks by bed bugs. Further, rashes also developed on his skin due to the bug bites. Johns moves the Consumer Forum for relief.
What are the chances of his success?

. . . . . . . . . is the safety measurement protection of consumer from unscrupulous and unethical malpractices by the business and to provide them speedy redressal of their grievances.

As per section 2(1)(j) of Consumer Protection Act 1986, 'manufacturer' means a person who
(1) Makes or manufactures any goods or part thereof
(2) Does not make or manufacture any goods but assembles parts thereof made or manufactured by others
(3) Puts or causes to be put his own mark on any goods made or manufactured by any other manufacture:

Six rights 1) right to safety, 2) right to be informed, 3) right to choose, 4) right to be heard, 5) right to seek redressal and 6) right to consumer education were first seen by . . . . . . .

Any amount due from a person under an order made by a Consumer Forum, under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, can be recovered by:

What is the limitation period for filing a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

What is the period of limitation to file a complaint before the Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies?

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