As per Section 40 of the Specific Relief Act, where an instrument is evidence of different rights or different obligations the court may in a proper case-

A suit under section 7 may be brought by a person

Under which of the following circumstances a court can grant perpetual injunction?

Plaintiff has filed the suit for only declaration of title, though he is not in possession of suit property. The suit is barred under which provision of Specific Relief Act, 1963?

A person is dispossessed of his immovable property without due course of law. In what period can he bring a suit for recovery of possession under Section 6 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963?

Contracts not specifically enforceable have been enumerated in:

The engagement diamond ring of 'N' was stolen by 'T', a thief who sold it to 'J' a jeweller. 'N' filed a suit for recovery of ring against 'J'. 'J' contended that he is ready to pay the price of the ring. Whether the decree for recovery of diamond ring can be refused on the ground that

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