According to Peter Self, the study of public administration developed as an off shoot of which one of the following?

Taking an extreme view of the distinction between public and private administration, who said the all organisations share public and private features?

"Government administration differ from all other administrative work to a degree not even at faintly realised outside, by virtue of its public nature, the way in which it is subject to public scrutiny and outcry". This statement was nade by:

What are the factors that have contributed towards the growth of the study of Public Administration in the U. S. A. as a separate academic discipline?
1. Evaluation of the concept of walfare state
2. Scientific management movement
3. Industrialisation
4. Movement for government reform
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Riggsian Agraria model is characterised by which of the following?
1. Clan-based organisation
2. Communalistic value
3. Impersonal human actions
4. Divine authority source
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Max Weber used the Greek world 'Charisma' to refer to
1. Qualities acquired by experience
2. Inherited qualities
3. Supernatural qualities
4. Super human qualities
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