What is the step taken by the Government of India for the emotionally deprived children to solve their problems?

Bell and Baron (1977) observed that the surrounding extreme cold temperature affects the social behaviour of the people. They also found that:

Consider the following statements-
1. Matrix structure integrates two forms of departmentalisation.
2. The strength of matrix lies in its ability to facilitate coordination when the organisation has multiple complex and interdependent activities.
3. Matrix structure reduces many problems which typical bureaucratic structure suffers.
4. Matrix structure facilitates efficient allocation of specialists but it can also induce power struggle in organisations.
Which of the above statements are correct?

. . . . . . . . psychologists often solve the problems of employers who hire people with psychological disorders, police who work with troubled individuals and families, departments of social service, and school teachers and administrators.

Emittants are dangerous for the health of inhabitants and may cause the following ill effects directly or indirectly: