Match List-I (Functions of attitude) with List-II (Behaviours/Action tendencies) and select the correct answer:
List-I List-II
A. Adjustment 1. Provides basis for acceptance of any opinion
B. Value-expressive 2. Protects self images
C. Ego-defensive 3. Provides basis for understanding
D. Knowledge 4. Adapts to environment

. . . . . . . . was the first to suggest that we sometimes deduce our attitude position by direct observation of our own behaviour.

Awareness that one is publicly advocating some attitude or behaviour but then acting in a way that is inconsistent with this attitude or behaviour, is known as

. . . . . . . . environment denotes the person's physical environment, climatic conditions and regional area which play significant role in determining social habits, behavioural tendencies and general outlook towards life.

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
List-I (Type of situationally presented alternatives) List-II (Analogy to internal conflict)
A. Approach-Approach 1. Caught between the devil and the deep sea
B. Avoidance-Avoidance 2. One step forward two steps backward
C. Approach-Avoidance 3. Possibly one today is worth two tomorrows
D. Multiple Approach-Avoidance 4. No time to stand and stare as I have promises to keep