The Revolt of 1857 failed mainly because

A. of superior resources of the British empire

B. it was poorly organised and the rebels had no common ideal

C. it had very little nationalist sentiment

D. it was localised, restricted and scattered

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

The Revolt of 1857 was localized and poorly organized. Due to lack of communication facilities, the sepoys of the widely dispersed cantonments could not act simultaneously in a concerted manner. The sepoys lacked common ideal before them. The sepoys at Delhi decided to recovery the glory of the Mughal. At Gwalior and Kanpur, Nana Sahib was proclaimed a Peshwa. Rani Lakhmi Bai fought for her Jhansi. The orthodox section among the Hindus and the Muslims were concerned with their religions. There was no unity among the Hindus and the Muslims.

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An effect of the 1857 revolt was that

A. The spirit of rebellion in Indian was crushed

B. The British became totally demoralized

C. The British abandoned their repressive policies

D. Unity was forged between the Hindus and Muslims