The stem of a cantilever retaining wall which retains earth level with top is 6 m. If the angle of repose and weight of the soil per cubic metre are 30° and 2000 kg respectively, the effective width of the stem at the bottom, is

A. 51.5

B. 52.5

C. 53.5

D. 54.5

Answer: Option C

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  1. Sultana Mahmuda
    Sultana Mahmuda :
    1 year ago

    Solution please

  2. Rohit7 Katte7
    Rohit7 Katte7 :
    3 years ago

    Solution ??

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If the shear stress in a R.C.C. beam is

A. Equal or less than 5 kg/cm2, no shear reinforcement is provided

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