TLV of aldrin in public water supply system is about __________ μg/litre.

A. 0.5

B. 17

C. 357

D. 1097

Answer: Option B

Solution(By Examveda Team)

The Threshold Limit Value (TLV) of aldrin in a public water supply system is about 17 μg/litre. This value represents the recommended maximum allowable concentration of aldrin in public water sources to ensure safety and minimize health risks.

Aldrins are a group of organochlorine pesticides used in agriculture. They are known for their toxicity and persistence in the environment. To protect public health, regulatory authorities set limits on the concentration of these chemicals in drinking water.

In this context:
TLV stands for Threshold Limit Value, which is a term used to specify the maximum concentration of a substance that is considered safe to be present in a particular environment, in this case, public water supply systems.
"μg/litre" indicates the unit of measurement, which is micrograms per liter. This is a very low concentration level, highlighting the need to maintain water quality.

The TLV of 17 μg/litre for aldrin is a guideline to ensure that the concentration of aldrin in public water sources does not exceed this value to protect human health. It is essential to monitor and control the levels of aldrin and other harmful substances in drinking water to provide safe and clean water to the public.

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