Under Section 8 of the Specific Relief Act, a person, shall not be entitled to specific relief of the delivery of a movable property, in which of the following cases

A. When thing claimed is held by defendant as agent or trustee of the plaintiff

B. When compensation in money would be adequate relief for the loss of the thing claimed

C. When it would be extremely difficult to ascertain the actual damage caused by its loss

D. When the possession of the thing claimed has been wrongfully transferred from the plaintiff

Answer: Option B

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Point out - On which of the following ground the court shall not refuse the decree of specific performance.

A. In a contract, where plaintiff has been given an unfair advantage over the defendant

B. In a case where the contract is not enforceable at the instance of the other party

C. Where the defendant entered into the contract under circumstances which though not rendering the contract voidable, makes it inequitable to enforce specific performance

D. Where performance of the contract would involve some hardship on the defendant which he did not foresee, whereas its non-performance would involve no such hardship on the plaintiff