Which of the following statements is wrong? Perpetual injunction

Suit for specific performance is claimed when applicant is . . . . . . . . .

Point out - On which of the following ground the court shall not refuse the decree of specific performance.

A claim for damages in a suit for injunction can be laid down

A pledged certain jewel with B. On a complaint by C, the police seized the jewels and deposited them in the Court. Can they recover the jewels by filing a suit under Section 7 of the Specific Relief Act?

Which is incorrect of temporary injunctions

Where a decree for specific performance of a contract for sale of immovable property has been made and the purchaser within the period allowed by the court does not pay the purchase money which the court has ordered him to pay:

Under Section 8 of the Specific Relief Act, a person, shall not be entitled to specific relief of the delivery of a movable property, in which of the following cases

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